Sunggyu "KB" Lee, Ph.D.

Russ Ohio Research Scholar in Coal Syngas Utilization
Professor of Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering
Director, Sustainable Energy and Advanced Materials Laboratory
Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering Department
170 Stocker Center
Ohio University
Athens, OH 45701-2979


Professor Lee's Laboratory
Sustainable Energy and Advanced Materials (SEAM) Laboratory
932 East State Street
Athens, OH 45701
TEL: (740) 592-5650

Our research program addresses tasks pertaining to chemical process engineering as applied to emerging technology, enhancing conventional technology, alternative fuel technology, advanced materials processing, and green engineering, as well as trouble-shooting of problems encountered in the chemical industry. Specifically, our research expertise lies in the areas of alternative fuels, transportation fuels, biofuels, methanol and dimethylether, hydrogen technology, fuel cells, advanced coal utilization, carbon dioxide conversion and utilization, carbon dioxide mitigation, oil shale and shale gas technology, advanced supercritical fluid technology, catalysis, novel functional materials, polymerization and polymer processing, rubber technology, polymer clay nanocomposites, specialty nano composite materials, biodegradable polymers, biobased materials, chem/bio counterterrorism, chlorine dioxide technology, scale-up and scale-down, and process engineering optimization. Our research has resulted in a number of U.S. and foreign patents, licensed technologies, publications in refereed journals, technical reports, as well as articles in national and international conference proceedings.

The research team comprises of, besides Professor Sunggyu Lee, research associates, visiting scholars, doctoral and masters level graduate students, as well as undergraduate research students. Equipment and instruments in our research facility include an extensive list of energy processing systems and fuel characterization equipment as well as the state-of-the–art equipment for polymer processing, materials research, environmental technology, polymer reactions and polymer characterization. The list includes:

9 Self-peripheraled Supercritical Fluid Process Systems (minipilot scale), 2 Continuous and Semi-batch Coal Desulfurization Reactor Systems, an Oil Shale Extraction System, 5 High-pressure Catalytic Reactor Systems, 1 Slurry Methanol Synthesis Reactor System, 2 DME-to- Hydrocarbon Reactor Systems (minipilot scale), 3 Fuel reformation Reactor Systems, 2 PEM Fuel Cells (1.2 kw and 5 kw), Acid Gas Removal System, Water Gas Shift Reactor, Coal-Water Slurry Blender, Coal Steam Stripper, Coal Extractor, GC/MS, 6 GC's (TCD, FID, and FPD), FTIR, HPLC, scanning electron microscope (SEM), Total Organic Carbon Analyzer (TOC), S analyzer, CHN Elemental Analyzer, Cl Elemental Analyzer, Proximate Analyzer of Solid Fuels, BET/Chemisorption Surface Analyzer, Ash Fusion Analyzer, Oxygen Bomb Calorimeter, Coulter Counter, Injection Molding Machine, 2 Twin-screw Extruders and Peripherals, Cast Film Processing, Single-screw Extruders (1.5” and 0.75”), catalyst extruder, calendaring machine, 4 Polymerization and Graft-copolymerization Reactor Systems (with Dedicated Peripherals), an Emulsion Polymerization Reactor System (minipilot scale), Processall Polymer Reaction/Modification System (minipilot scale), Nano-particle Processing System, Dynamic Mechanical Thermal Analyzer (DMTA), Instron Tensile Tester, TA's Texture Analyzer, 3 Mooney Viscometers, ARES Rheometer, DSC, TGA, GPC, a High-power Optical Microscope, X-ray Powder Diffraction, izod impact tester, Ohio-state Heat Release Measurement System for Flame Retardancy Test, Thermal Conductivity Measurement System, Brabender High-shear Mixers, Henschel Mixers, Cryogenic Grinder, Freeze Dryer, Ultracentrifuge, Spray Dryer, Bag Filter System, Walk-in Incubator, 2 Fermenter Systems, Environmental Hood, 2 Chlorine Dioxide Generating Systems (pilot scale), Low-temperature Extraction System for Biologically Active Ingredients from Plant Matters, and more.

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