Fuel Characterization & Analysis

Our laboratory is equipped with an extensive list of fuel characterization and analysis equipment. Most essential fuel characterization and analysis can be conducted in-house. Some of the examples include:

-     Elemental analysis of coal and other fuel
-     Proximate analysis of coal and other fuel
-     Chlorine content measurement
-     Sulfur content measurement
-     Ash fusion characteristics
-     Heating value measurement
-     Total organic carbon analysis
-     Boiling range determination of liquid fuel
-     Molecular identification
-     GC/MS analysis
-     Gas composition analysis
-     Syngas characterization
-     Measurement of biodiesel properties
-     Measurement of cold flow properties of liquid fuels
-     Many of ASTM fuel analysis/characterization standardized tests

For analysis and/or characterization of fuel samples generated by non-OU entities, R&D contracts or sample analysis contracts must be placed with the Ohio University.