Decontamination and Detoxification

Supercritical water oxidation process can be very efficiently adapted to decontamination and detoxification of contaminants and toxins. Lee's research team has developed very fine expertise in this field and several U.S. patents have been awarded.

-     U.S. Patent 7,186,345
-     U.S. Patent 7,722,823
-     U.S. Patent 7,811,537

It should also be mentioned that the chlorine dioxide (ClO2) technology Lee's team developed is ideal for decontamination, disinfection, and purification of wastewater and preparation of drinking water.

-     U.S. Patent 5,855,861
-     U.S. Patent 6,051,135
-     U.S. Patent 7,229,647

For further information, please see the Chlorine Dioxide Page of this website.