Coal and Biomass Gasification

Coal gasification has long been studied actively to develop more abundant coal as an alternative source for gaseous and liquid fuels as well as to provide coal-derived synthesis gas for synthesis of fertilizers, petrochemicals, and polymers. While coal gasification research efforts have had diverse objectives and foci, the basis of coal gasification technological innovation has come largely from the science and technology of C1-chemistry, surface chemistry, chemical thermodynamics, reactor engineering, separation science and technology, environmental science, and energy materials. Dr. Lee and his group have been directly involved in the following areas of coal gasification research:

(1) Kinetics of coal char gasification
        - kinetics of CO2 gasification of coal and char
        - kinetics of steam gasification of coal and char
        - kinetics of hydrogasification of coal and char
(2) Mathematical modeling of coal char gasification--development of a 2-parameter progressive conversion model and a universal curve for coal conversion
(3) Elucidation of concurrent water gas shift reaction
(4) Synthane gasifier studies
(5) Biomass gasification using the principles of coal gasification process
(6) Use of a thermobalance reactor for coal conversion experimental study
(7) Assessment of Texaco gasifier and Koppers-Totzek gasifier as a synthesis gas source for the Liquid Phase Methanol Synthesis Process
(8) Further advanced utilization of CO-rich syngas and CO2-rich syngas

Recent efforts and interests in this area include:

(1) Integration of CO2 gasification of coal with the coal combustion facility as an effort to mitigate the greenhouse gas emission.
(2) Diverse studies leading to reaction and conversion of carbon dioxide to useful chemicals and/or fuels
(3) Reduction of CO2 to CO
(4) Utilization of CO2-rich Syngas in chemical processes
(5) Gasification and/or chemical conversion of coal tar
(6) Gasification of combined feedstock of biomass and coal
(7) Combination of torrefaction and gasification of biomass
(8) Gasification of high molecular hydrocarbons
(9) Enhancements in IGCC and BIGCC
(10) Energy-efficient small-scale gasification unit
(11) PEM FC grade hydrogen generation from coal gasification
(12) Integration of solar energy with CO2 management
(13) Development of coal-based specialty chemicals

By no means, this list is complete or covers all the interests and capabilities of my research group in this field. If interested in devising, sponsoring, and collaborating on specific research topic(s) in this field, please contact us.