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Lab Director: Chao-Yang Lee 李照陽

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Chao-Yang Lee is an Associate Professor of Communication Sciences and Disorders at Ohio University. He holds a Ph.D. in Cognitive Science from Brown University, A.M. in Linguistics from Brown University, and B.S. in Psychology from National Chengchi University.  Lee was awarded the F.V. Hunt Fellowship from the Acoustical Society of America for postdoctoral training in the Speech Communication Group at MITs Research Laboratory of Electronics.


Lee’s research explores the contribution of phonetic and cognitive knowledge to speech perception and spoken word recognition, particularly pertaining to the processing of lexical tones. He has also been engaged in collaborative projects with colleagues in hearing science, psychology, linguistics, and music.


Lee has taught phonetics, speech science, introduction to communication disorders, experimental phonetics, and speech science seminars at Ohio University. His teaching has been recognized by the University Professor award (2006-07) at Ohio University and the Excellence in Education program of the Ohio Magazine. Read more about Lee from Ohio University’s Undergraduate Admissions web site.


Lee is CSD’s Coordinator of Undergraduate Education and the Director of Studies for CSD’s Honors Tutorial College program.


Lee enjoys classical music, vegetarian diet and cooking, yoga, and following the New England Patriots. He is a father of two beautiful children and a proud owner of two Priuses (’04 and ’13).

Current Student

Yu Zhang 张宇 (Ph.D. student)

Lab Alumni

Lauren DePaoli (BS HTC/HSLS 2004)

Georgia Malandraki (MA SLP 2004), Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Columbia University

Amanda Joos (MA SLP 2005), Speech-Language Pathologist

Carla Youngdahl (MA SLP 2005), Ph.D. student, Ohio State University

Sara Kellgreen (MA SLP 2006), Speech-Language Pathologist

Jessica Baker (MA SLP 2007), Speech-Language Pathologist

Anne Marie Christy (MA SLP 2008), Speech-Language Pathologist

Gayatri Ram (MA SLP 2009), Ph.D. student, Ohio University

Lauren Dutton (MA SLP 2010), Speech-Language Pathologist

Jessica Stillwell (BS HSLS 2010), AuD student, Ohio University

Elizabeth Jordan (BS HSLS 2010, PURF winner), Speech-Language Pathologist

Yuh-Fang Lee 李郁芳 (MA SLP 2011), Speech-Language Pathologist

Megan Masterson (MA SLP 2011), Speech-Language Pathologist

Eleni Gkikas (BS HSLS 2011), SLP student, Columbia University

Juliana Gursky (MA SLP 2012), Speech-Language Pathologist

Lauren Baer (BS CSD 2012), SLP student, University of Akron

Allison Lekich (BS CSD 2012, PURF winner), SLP student, Columbia University


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