Mark LeBar

Professor of Philosophy
Department of Philosophy
Ohio University
Ellis Hall, Room 220J
Athens, Ohio 45701
(740)593-4592; office
(740)593-4597; fax

Curriculum vitae

Ph.D. University of Arizona 1999
M.A. University of Washington 1994
M.B.A. Pepperdine University 1988
B.A. Westmont College 1977

Areas of Specialization or Competence
Moral, Social, and Political Philosophy, Ancient Philosophy

Recent Publications
The Value of Living Well (Oxford Univ. Press, 2013). (Available here).

"Constructivism and Particularism," in Bagnoli (ed.) Constructivism in Ethics (Cambridge Univ. Press)(2013): 183-200.

"Virtue and Politics," in Russell (ed.) Cambridge Companion to Virtue Ethics (2013): 265-89.

“Well-Being and Eudaimonia: A Reply to Haybron,” (with Daniel Russell) in J. Peters (ed.) Aristotelian Ethics in Contemporary Perspective (Routledge, 2012), pp. 85-108.

“Psychological Eudaimonism and Radical Interpretation in Greek Ethics,” (with Nathaniel Goldberg) in Oxford Studies in Ancient Philosophy, supplementary volume (2012): 287-319.

"Prichard vs. Plato: Intuition vs. Reflection," in Black and Tiffany (eds.) Reasons to be Moral Revisited (Univ. of Calgary Press, 2010): 1-32.

"Virtue Ethics and Deontic Constraints," in Ethics 119 (2009): 642-71.

"Development and Reason: Review of Richard Kraut's What is Good and Why," in Philosophical Quarterly 58 (2008): 711-19.

"Aristotelian Constructivism," in Social Philosophy and Policy 25 (2008): 182 - 213.

Many of my papers and manuscripts may be found at my page here

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