Greg Kremer's page on RESEARCH

My main research interests are:
Sustainable Energy & the Environment, especially relating to vehicles,

and Designing to Make a Difference,  including Appropriate Technology.
I am an associate director of The Ohio Coal Research Center
which is part of the Russ College of Engineering's
Institute for Sustainable Energy and the Environment
and is affiliated with Ohio University's
Consortium for Energy, Economics and the Environment.

Some info on recent projects

Appropriate Technology Projects

Engineering Around the World: Driving local economics in Africa with human power
Grad Student: Timothy J. Cyders, 2008.
The project involved Design of a Human-Powered Utility Vehicle for Developing Communities

Community-Appropriate Technology for Staple Seeds (CATSS) Project
[Develop and build a community-scale appropriate technology thresher for small farms]
Grad Student: Joe Schultheis, ____


Vehicle Projects

Ammonia-fueled fuel cell powered prototype electric vehicle (NH3 Car)  [web page]

A Parametric Study of Stack Performance for a 4.8kW PEM Fuel Cell
Grad student: Tyler Edwards, 2010

Power Distribution System Modeling and Simulation of an Alternative Energy Testbed Vehicle
Grad student: Yin Wu, 2010

Alternative Energy Testbed Electric Vehicle and Thermal Management System Investigation
Grad student: Christopher Gregg, 2007

Grad Student: Todd Steigerwalt, 2009

Developing, Demonstrating, and Validating a Vehicle Test Bed
to Extend the Capabilities of a Chassis Dynamometer Test System

Grad Student: Robert T. Murphy, 2008

Aeromobile regenerative supercirculation test stand (ARSTS)
Grad Student: Jason Fink, 2004

Analytical design of a parallel hybrid electric powertrain for sports utility vehicles and heavy trucks
Grad Student: Madhava Rao Madireddy, 2003

Design and validation of a chassis dynamometer for present and future vehicle testing and design
Grad Student: Robert L. Wilson, III, 2002


Biofuels Projects

Diesel Engine Energy Balance Study Operating on Diesel and Biodiesel Fuels
Grad student: Scott J. Wallace, 2008

Development and Validation of a NOx Emission Testing Setup for a Diesel Engine, Fueled with Bio-Diesel.  
Grad student: Dhruv Kohli, 2009

Biodiesel production from algae

Algae production and CO2 mitigation [pdf presentation file]
Our research group (with D. Bayless as first named inventor and Morgan Vis as co-inventor)
has a patent titled “Enhanced Practical Photosynthetic CO2 Mitigation” (Patent No. 6667171)
for producing algae on suspended membranes.

Bioreactor design for CO2 Remediation

 Analytical & experimental analysis of alternative systems for harvesting organisms
in a biologically based CO2 mitigation system

Grad student: Jia Ma, 2003


Solid Oxide Fuel Cell Projects (with coal syngas),

Pressurized planar SOFC testing
Grad student: Steve Spencer [PhD, in process]

The Performance of Planar Solid Oxide Fuel Cells using Hydrogen-depleted Coal Syngas
Grad Student: David Burnette, 2007,

Project: Small-scale coal gasification to produce syngas
Grad Student: Edward Achaab


For More Info: Greg Kremer’s Resume (including info on publications)

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