I took this class to help me understand how to create a web page. I will start by explaining a little about myself. My partner and I have been looking for a place to have a ceromony to commit our love for each other. Well, finding a place like that is hard because of our status. So we are working on creating a wedding barn of our own. We have had our pictures taken of our little family. And we are going to call our place 3 Starr Farms.

I will be working on creating the web page with our son who is eleven. He is taking classes in school that is helping him understand what is involved with web pages. He sure is a smart cookie when it comes to computers. While we are busy with that, my partner will be dealing with the business management part of the company. So we are all contributing to the company in a way.

We are hoping to get it going by the beginning of the year. We will not turn down anyone, due to the fact that we know what it feels like. We will also have different prices so if you don't want the whole package or you only want the venue and our bar, because a friend is doing the cooking as a gift then we will cater to them. We are hoping we can also be cheaper then other places. I posted a site below for a wedding barn that is with the whole package.

Fling Barn

Homework 3

Homework 7

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