Internet Service Providers

There are many different ISP (internet Service Providers) in the united States. Each one may differ in different Areas as in cost, availability and type of Service

The first ISP I present is ATT DSL. ATT has 4 types of their DSL. They all have the same features besides the download speed. The download speed. The lowest cost for their basic internet package is $14.95 and it has a 768 kbps download speed and 384 Upload speed. The highest cost for their DSL Elite is $19.95 and it has 6 mbps download speed and 768 kbps upload speed. They can both also hold 11 email accounts and for $5 extra dollars I think that the DSL Elite is a great deal.

The next ISP I used as an example is Century Link. Centaury Link is not found everywhere, but where it is found it has one of the highest download speeds for home internet. With a bundle its lowest rate would cost $14.95 and it has 768 kbps. Its highest price with a bundle is $29.95 and it goes up to 10mbps, which is the fastest I found for a house line. Now if you do not want a bundle you can get all of these deals for $20 dollars a month more.

The third ISP of my choice was Earth link business. Their website does not list prices but states that each service comes with firewall software and anti-spyware software, as well as Norton 360 online. There lowest plan is for small offices and home offices and it has a max number of 4 users and a download speed of 6M and 383K upload speed. Its highest service is a T1 line and it can have up to 100 users and the download and upload speed is 1.5M. With Businesses it is important to have a high upload speed because their customers need to connect to their website.

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