Federal Broadband plan
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In April 2009 an Notice of Inquiry for a national Broadband plan was created. In this plan it seek to help with national funding jobs, and growth.

In this plan one thing it plans on doing is establishing competition policies. it will give a broad set of tools to establish and protect competition.

It will also collect, analyze, and publish information of the broadband market by market competition and pricing.

They plan on Developing disclosure requirements for broadband service providers, look at whole sale competition, free up and allocate additional spectrum for unlicensed use, and many other things that has to do with competition with america.

This plan plans on ensuring efficient and use of goverment owned and goverment influenced assests, meaning making the infrustructure of what the goverment owns improve and do it with fair prices.

Its long turn goals include allowing atleast 100 million us homes to have faster download and upload speed.

a concern about this plan is that it will cost 350 billion dollars to implement. the plan calls for the goverment to allocate 16 billion dollars per year in the next 10 years to raise money for the fund.

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