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Hi my name is Keith Albert. I am a Computer Science Major at Ohio University and currently a Jr. I am from cleveland, OH and graduated from Euclid Ohio. At Euclid High I was a Captain on the track team and cross country team and also played the violin since the 4th grade.

On my free time I love to listen to music and play sports. I am very goofy and as you start looking at the updates of my page see I love lauging. I currently do not know what else to write in this Paragraph so I am going to the next one.

Now, I am a Intern At Parker Hannifin. Parker is the number 1 motion and control technology company in the world and everything That essentially moves, has Parker's parts in it. Here i work on the Account Support team. We Support differnt programers at differnt divisions and all over the world, if they have a problem. If you want To know more about parker You Can find out more by going to Parker.com. Parker Hannifin We Engineer Your Success.

My third hw assignment taught me so much about how to change the font and style of a web page take a look: hw3.com. My Home work Number 3. to Email me: Email Me

If you would like to read more about my Track experience click here: hw4.com. My Home work Number 4.

My 5th hw tells about what i want to do with my life when i get older. hw5.com. My Home work Number 5.

My 6th homework talks about my favorite place and why. hw6.com. My Home work Number 6.

My 6th homework talks about my favorite Books. hw8.com. My Home work Number 8.

Try the Ohio university Graduation survey. hw9.com. My Home work Number 9.

My 10th Homework is on the national Broadband Plan hw10.com. My Home work Number 10.

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