Jamie Weeks' Portfolio

My name is Jamie Weeks I was born in Billings MT, and moved to Chillicothe, OH in 1995. I attended and graduated from Southeastern High School and nearly ten years after graduating, went on to attend Ohio University (Chillicothe Branch) for a degree in Computer Science. My two young children and my wife made me reconsider what was important to me and our future so I decided to further my education. I am currently in my next to last quarter and am very excited to be completing this undertaking and graduating in the spring.

I have had a love for computers, and electronics in general, from a young age. My father is a ''jack-of-all-trades'' type of guy, and because of him, I learned early that I loved to work with my hands. I hope that someday after I complete school to be able to pursue a job where I can utilize these talents and find a rewarding career path.

''Do not pray for easy lives. Pray to be stronger men.'' -John F. Kennedy

Current Academics as of 11/18/2011:

COMS 103: A- PSY 101: B- ENG 151: A- ACCT 101: D

Math 102: B- BMT 289: A Math 113: C CTCH 125: B

MATH 101: B ECON103: C SOC 101: B- BMT 289: A

BMT 289: A CTCH 127: B OTEC 230: B CTCH 233: A-

CTCH 161: B CTCH 285: C CTCH 290: B+ CTCH 133: A

CTCH 160: B CTCH 240: C+ CTCH 241: A- CTCH 242: A

MATH 250: B+

Jamie and Logan