Chaos Space Marines

chaosmarineChaos Space marines are defectors from the imperium of man. Having already surrendered their humanity to fight off all of the enemies that threaten the imperium these genetically altered warriors have fallen prey to the dark gods of chaos. Their only goal is to let the galaxy burn. Since the Heresy these warriors have been the greatest threat to the imperium of man, utterly destroying an innumerable number of worlds for the glory of the chaos gods. These warriors typically all four of the chaos gods but some dedicate themselves to one of the four; often times becoming substantially more powerful than their peers. Amongst these chaos space marines are warriors that rise to the rank of champion. These champions can follow one of two paths, they can become a gibbering chaos spawn, having their body mutate uncontrolably falling victim to the powers of chaos. Or, they can mutate into a daemon prince becoming more powerful than any human could ever imagine. These daemon princes only arrive when it is of the utmost importance for the chaos gods to topple a world and claim it for their own dark purposes. The chaos space marines take great pleasure in their newfound ability to find pleasure in the universe, an ability their non-chaos counterparts surrender for the greater good of mankind. Most chaos marines take great pleasure in the pillaging of worlds and utter destruction of their inhabitants. To deal with a chaos space marine is to deal with certian death and is not a situation you want to find yourself in.

Abbadon The Despoiler

Abbadon Abbadon the despoiler is the cloned child of Horus, the first defector from the imperium of man. He carrys with him a demon blade that brings death to all it encounters. Even the greatest warriors in the galaxy tremble with fear when his name is invoked. Abbadon leads the black legion, the largest collection of chaos space marines in the galaxy and thusfar the only to be strong enough to bring forward an outright attack on the human homeworld of Terra. Abbadon has lead several Black Crusades from the warp in an attempt to overthrow and destroy the Imperium of Man. Widely considered to be one of the most powerful warriors in the galaxy, Abbadon is not someone you want to encounter. With him he brings death and destruction on an inconcievable scale. Toppling worlds and spreading the will of the chaos gods is his only purpose. If he comes from the warp to your world, consider yourself done for. It is only with the help of the imperial space marines that he has been kept at bay for thousands of years, waiting in the warp to bring about more death and destruction to the imperium of man and topple the rest of the thousands of worlds under the control of the Imperium.

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