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Fall is my favorite season of the year. Fall is one season you can feel and smell in the air. Along with fall comes the time for some of my favorite activities of the year.

Football is one sport I can not get enough of in the Fall season. Whether I am at home watching a great game between two college teams or out in the back yard playing catch with my nephews I am a happy man. Every year about this time my family gets together for some great back-yard football on the weekends.


Credit photo to Deadstar


Credit photo to Geolina163

Another of my favorite Fall hobbies would have to be fishing. My brother and I make it a point to take the boat out on Salt Fork Lake at least a few times during the Fall season. Many times we sit there not catching a thing but this does not lessen my enjoyment in the activity. Floating along in a ten foot bass boat listening to the Ohio State game with my older brother is the most relaxing way I could spend a lazy Autumn Saturday.

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