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A "good book" is a relative term that means different things to different people. For me, a good book is one that makes you forget you are reading a book at all, a book that stimulates your imagination to the point that you don't need visual aids to become lost in the story. There have been few books that have captured me in this way but when I find one that does it is difficult to stop reading.

The first books I can remember capturing my attention was the Harry Potter series. As a child I did not think it was possible for a book to be better than watching television but as I read the first book in the series I found I was very wrong. The simple reading style and escape to a mystical world was a great combination for me as a child.

Another book that captured my attention as a child was the book "Hatchet". I remember reading this book in the third grade and often think back to it still. The idea of being stranded in an unfamiliar and hostile area, just doing what you must to survive, gripped my imagination. This is a book I have handed down to my nephews and it seemed to do the same to them.

A series I am currently reading is "The Lord of the Rings". This has been a sort of grown-up Harry Potter for me. I enjoy the setting of the books and although the old English can sometimes make be more difficult to read at first, it adds a depth of realism to the stories.

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