'75 and '77 Alvarez Doves

Grandpa's 75 Dove

This is my grandpa's 1975 Alvarez Dove,and oh, how
he could make it talk. I'm not exactly sure
where he picked it up at, butt I can remember playing
it as far back as I can remember. Although, my grandfather
is a very big part of why I am so intrigued by
by these guitars, they actually have a pretty
interesting history as well.

Gibson was the original maker of the Dove line
of guitars, however Alvarez copied Gibson's model
so closely that they sued Alvarez and won the
lawsuit. The headstock of these guitars are referred
as a mustache headstock, as they resemble a mustache.
This was the deciding factor in the lawsuit of whether
Gibson had a legitimate lawsuit.

About 10 years ago, the entire bridge of this particular
guitar actually pulled away from the body of the guitar.
I took it to numerous music shops to try and have it fixed
over the years, but many refused and said it was just to risky,
until a local music shop here in Chillicothe took on the job
and fixed it! It now sounds as beautiful as it always did, well as
beautiful as possible since my grandpa is no longer around to pick it.

77 Alvarez Dove This is a 1977 model of the Alvarez Dove. I just
recently purchased this and how I came across this guitar
is, at least according to me, simply amazing. The day
I was notified that the music shop had finished fixing my
grandfather's guitar pictured on the left, when I got to the music
shop, a man had walked in that morning and traded this guitar
because his wife had bought him a new Martin guitar. I got
a great deal on it and I just had to have it. There are very
few of these guitars left today, and I am proud to have two of them
in my possession, it is something tha very few people can say they have.
I simply love these guitars and as with all guitars,
they each have their unique tone, however both are just amazing in
in sound quality.

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