ISP Comparisons

Comcast offers internet packages beginning at $29.99 per month and ranging all the way to $199.99 per month. The cheapest package offered is a 20Mbps connection for $29.99. The next would be the $49.99 package that offers a 30Mbps service. Next would be the 50Mbps for $114.95. Lastly would be the 105 Mbps for 199.95 per month.

Time-Warner offers two internet packages. The first is the Standard Internet package that starts at $34.95 per month for 10 Mbps and the Turbo Internet package that is $44.95 per month for 20 Mbps.

Frontier High-Speed Internet offers two packages. The first is the Lite package that gives you 1 Mbps for 29.95 and the other is the Internet Max package that has speeds of 3 Mbps for $35.99.

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