Since I was just a little child, I have had always had and interest in guitars, especially since my grandfather could really make one play so beautifully. I can remember him sitting in his bedroom playing for hours. All I could do at that time is sit and watch and only dream of playing like he could. He played an old 1975 Alvarez Dove that was absolutely gorgeous.

However, approximately 10 years ago, the glue that held the bridge of the guitar down came loose and made the guitar unplayable for about a decade, devestating our family. I had tried for years to have it fixed, but everyone I spoke to was afraid to touch it for fear that they were not capable of fixing the instrument.

Finally, after six years in the Navy, I came back to Chillicothe and there was a new music shop in town, BBB Music. I went in and spoke to a man named Bob Green, who is the owner, and he was more that willing to take on the task. After a month of working on it, he finally was able to restore the guitar to play once again, and it now sounds just as beautiful as did ten years ago. I just wish my grandpa was still around to play it once more. However, the day that I went to pick up the guitar from the music shop, that very morning a man had dropped off a 1977 model of the Alvarez Dove. Of course, I had to go ahead and purchase this one also just because the Avarez Dove has such sentimental meaning to me.

Alvarez Dove




Final Project

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