This is my favorite place to go because it is all beauty and a lot of relaxing.

I chose Costa Rica as my favorite place in the world. I've only been there one time. I did not however want to leave. I booked a trip online that was a package deal, airfair, hotel, and a few activities while there, and it was amazing.However it wasn't just the snorkling and the four wheeling through the jungle it was much more.
island I can't pretend to know a lot of the politics in Costa Rica, but life just seems simpiliar and more peaceful there. There are tree houses as nice as normal houses people live in there. The jungle and the beaches are incredible. When I came home I became obsessed on how I could end up moving there, in the next ten years. I did find that to buy a few acres on the actual beach is only like 10,000. I could build me a shack and never watch television again. I have always been fasinated with the Ocean,it is so tranquil to sit on the beach and listen to the water,and to watch the moon beaming on each ripple.
To raise my children in such a place makes me feel like I could protect them from a lot of the evil that bored kids tend to get into.That is probably a pipe dream, but it's still nice to dream. I do feel there is enough to do in Costa Rica it would take along time to get bored, and seeing how my family and I are not from there we would not take all the beauty for granted.

Costa Rica

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