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My name is Jaime Poling I am a non-traditional student. I am studying Electronic media, and graduating in the Summer. I started out at O.U.L to get better at my computer skills. I plan to stay at Ohio University to get my bachelors in communication.I would like to go into Videography and audio engineering, but I am getting my communications degree for more doors to open.

I also am a mother of two children. I have a three year old beautiful daughter named Marlie Mae, and I just had a little boy eight weeks ago his name is Amaday, I am blessed with two and not having anymore. I live for my kids. Outside school it's all about them. Funny I don't even really remember what I was like before kids, and they are only babies still.

After school I would love to move to Nashville and get into radio until I'm old and grey and want to sail around the world with my will be husband, father to my children and my best friend. One thing I would also love to do career wise is get into special effect make-up somethings I feel like I should just let go of I can't have my family following me around everywhere, chasing my dreams. Before long my kids will have dreams of their own, and my ultimate goal is to fulfill all of their dreams. I just want to be an awesome mama!

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