Joseph L. McFee Sr.

I have been an LPN in nursing homes and most recently an RN in the emergency room. I am begining as a supervisor in the nursing home to gain experience that will hopefully lead to unit manager and director of nurisng. I continue to enjoy the work involved in the emergency room so I am going to continue that path part time. I am very interested in becoming more involved in the management arena. I have also missed working with the elderly population.

I have taken many steps in the medical field begining with becoming an EMT. I was not satisfied with that so I continued in medicine and earned my STNA. While working as an STNA, I also went to school to become an LPN. After a couple years working as an LPN, I returned to school to earn my bachelors degree. I will be finishing that up this quarter and then it is off to earn my masters degree!

I have been an lpn since 2002 and I graduated with my RN in 2008. I have worked in nursing homes and hospitals. I enjoy learning different areas of nursing. However my favorite fields are emergency nursing and nursing home nursing. Both of these fields offer different aspects and both are very interesting in their own respects, however, I believe that the elderly should have a voice on their side to protect them and to keep them safe.

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