I love music! My love of music began when I was very little. My grandmother played piano and started teaching me how to play when I was approximately three-years-old. I continued taking lessons from my grandmother, and eventually a couple of other piano teachers, through high school. I stopped playing piano when I had to sell my piano 12 years ago. I really miss it. I now just listen to music; certain songs really help me when I'm sad.

I listen to all types of music. My dad was a DJ for the local radio station in my hometown before I was born and he has a large collection of vinyl albums. I listen to classic rock, country, some rap, hip hop, rock, R and B, jazz, pretty much anything, even religious. One of my daughters is the same as me, she will listen to any kind of music; I guess you could say we're not music snobs.

There are some days I wouldn't know what to do if it wasn't for music. There are certain songs I listen to when I'm depressed. One of the songs I listen to when I am depressed is "Stand" by Rascal Flatts; it is a really great song and helps me understand and get through the feelings I feel. I mostly listen to my iPod, but I also listen to iHeart Radio.

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