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Joseph Moosbrugger                                                                                                                                                           


MS Student                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Email: jm355009@ohio.edu

Environmental and Plant Biology

317 Porter Hall

Athens, Ohio 45701                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Advisor: Dr. Brian McCarthy



Crane Hollow Nature Preserve                                                       Rocks and Joseph Moosbrugger



I am interested in ecology as a field, particularly in Eastern deciduous forests.  Additionally, invasive species and plant-animal interactions fascinate me.  I really just enjoy being outside tromping through the woods while looking at plants


A rockhouse on a tributary of Crane Hollow



For my masters thesis I am performing an annotated flora of Crane Hollow Preserve located in Hocking County, Ohio.   The preserve was previously studied in the early eighties, however the preserve has increased in size dramatically, creating the need for a new study. It is a fun project as I get to wander around a beautiful field site with immense sandstone cliffs and amazing rock formations.  The varied topography and past land use history has created an enormous amount of spatial heterogeneity and varied communities leading to a great amount of species diversity. The preserve has a mixture of community types including fields, oak forests, mesic forests, hemlock-northern hardwood forests, along with floodplain forests.  Currently, I have found over 700 species on the preserve.  The preserve harbors a few very interesting rare species including Aconitum columbianum (Northern Monkshood) and Trichomanes boscianum (Appalachian Filmy Fern).  I personally have discovered several state listed species including Scleria triglomerata (Tall Nut-Rush) and Panicum verrucosum (Warty Panic-grass).  Most interesting is the discovery of a species which may be new to Ohio, Eupatorium godfreyanum (Godfrey’s Thoroughwort).




Aconitum columbianum                                                                         Trichomanes boscianum


Bachelor of Arts: Hiram College (Ohio), May 2004

Major: Biology, Education Licensure: Life Science grades 7-12



Relevant Work Experience

Graduate Assistant Ohio University                  August 09-Present

Teaching Assistant for Bio 100,101, and 103


Jamestown Middle School                                  August 07-June 08

Taught science (Hydrosphere, Chemistry, Cellular Biology, Earth History) to 8th grade students


Chestnut Grove Middle School                                 July 04-May 07

Taught science (Hydrosphere, Chemistry, Cellular Biology, Earth History) and North Carolina history to 8th graders

Other responsibilities included Science Olympiad, Coaching Track, 8th Science Chair, Student Assistance Team Member, School Improvement Team Member


Shaker Heights High School                                   May 04-June 04

Worked as a permanent sub for three Biology classes and one physical science class


Geauga Park District                                               May 03-August 03

Learned about biodiversity and ecology in Northeastern Ohio as I practiced land stewardship


View over convergence of Young and Crane Hollow



Grants and Awards

Ohio Biological Survey Small Grant

2010 and 2011


Earl Core Student Award



Talks Given

Ohio Biological Survey

11/16/2010 and 11/5/2011


Association of Southeastern Biologists




Panicum verrucosum                                                       Scleria Triglomerata                                             Eupatorium godfreyanum