What Are Employees Willing To Do?

Don't be surprised if your employer asks you for your Facebook login or other personal login information. As stated many times, the employer will go to great lengths to insure the dignity of their business.

As an employee the best way to handle online privacy is to just watch what you do and don't push the boundries. Monster.com, a prominant source for finding jobs and expanding your career, has written an article on what employees should do when faced with an employer who takes online security seriously. They note that three out of four companies monitor online usage at work and that an employee should comply with whatever online guidelines there are 100%.

"Recognize that the easiest way to control exlectronic risk is to control written content. In other words, watch your language. That means no obscene, pronographic, sexual, harrssing, defamatory, or menacing messages." The more questionable material is the greater risk it might be flaged. When in doubt, don't do it. It's easy to get comfortable and think that your work computer is your home computer and venture off into unsecured content or use "locker room" language. Play it safe when your at work and don't give any reason for your employer to question your activity.

When asked to present your personal login information for non-work related sites, know that you do not have to give them that type of sensitive material. As long as you're not breaking any laws that information is your to know only. Employers cannot and should not ask for Facebook or email login information.