How Employers Monitor Their Employees

It's kind of scary to think that employers have the ability to monitor everything their employees do. In fact, with the advances in technology we've made over the last several years, every keystroke can be recorded and viewed. The amount of time you spend on each site can be tracked right down to the second. Even emails aren't safe. Employers have the ability to see how many emails are sent, to who they're sent to, and even what's inside each message

These network sniffing watchdogs are called packet sniffers remarkably enough. They surf the office's private network looking for keywords and closely monitor unprotected sites. They're super sneaky and impossible to notice. They also have a friend, it's a spyware program that can found every company owned computer. This program monitors events outside of the network. These are desktop surveillance tools used to not just look for certain words of phrases, but they literally record every action on the computer's registry

The software that is used can be closely compared to that used by professional hackers. This type of spyware is incredibly sophisticated and some argue that it's a violation of rights. But employers aren't just looking at what you're doing. They also want to know how much time is spent focusing on non work related tasks. After all, you are on the clock.