What Are Employers Allowed To Do

So...is this all ethical? Courts have consistently ruled in favor of the buisinesses. After all, they do own the computers, internet, and you (to some degree) while you're on the clock. Because they own all this, they have to the right do as they please and monitor your activity while on the clock. Where this line gets fuzzy is when you're not on the clock but you're still working. This means when you're at home, on you're own time, and working, how much jurisdiction does your work place have over your internet use?

Well, as I said, this can be a messy territory and I'll share a quick story with you

Kimberly Hester was a teacher's aide in a Cassopolis, Mich. school district. A while back she posted an iffy picture on Facebook of another school employee. Nothing that would normally gain the attention of the nation, but nevertheless, it was still suggestive enough for the school to find out. They demanded that Kimberly hand over her Facebook account information to the school administers. She refused and was promptly fired.

The schools stance is that Hester's unwillingness to co-operate with the school leads them to "assume the worst and act accordingly". A teacher is a role model to both the students and community. Her actions must be professional both in the classroom and in public. Hester argues that giving up her Facebook information is a violation of her rights and that she should not be forced by her employer to give up such personal information. She also claims that the act itself did not warrant such accusations and demands

This story was brough up in the US Senate and the Senate sides with Hester and is currently in the works of writing legislation prohibiting companies and organization from requiring the surrender of social network login information