What I Did LAst Summer

The first thing that I did this summer was move my fiancée into my house. It was pretty painless, at least that day was. Working up to the move-in day was pretty annoying becuase my family was trying to find every reason they could think of as to why she shouldn't move in or why she should delay moving in. The house is pretty packed now since five people live in it. The move-in was only the first thing I did over the summer, and already it's more interesting than most summers I have of playing video games The second interesting thing I did was go to the zoo with my fiancée. The zoo wasn't exactly amazing. We did visit the new dinosaur island, and before you think, "o wow, I bet that was cool," don't. The Whole ride was really boring. It was just the old boat ride with robotic dinosaurs around the rim of the path way.

The next major thing that I did over the summer was to go on a vacation. It was nothing super fancy, me and my Fiancée went to Gahanna and stayed in a hotel. We still did some interesting things though, such as went to various malls around the area. The most interesting thing I think we did was go on a tour of Columbus. The tour was an hour long and had us riding segaways the whole way. While my fiancée was slightly afraid to trust the machines, I would throw mine into full blast (a whopping 7 miles per hour). The tour went through a very interesting history of Columbus and some beautiful vistas, along with some not so amazing sights. If you ever have time, I would only suggest trying it out because the staff is nice, the ride is fun, and the information is interesting.

Finally, the last thing I did this summer, and I went just a few weeks ago in fact, was the air museum in Daton, Ohio. If you have never been there, and you like airplanes, this place is the place to be. It goes through each time period of airplanes, from the beginning plane made by the wright brothers to spacecraft, which the museum is adding on another wing just for space. I have to say though, my favorite planes have to be the F-22, F-117A, and the B-17 Flying Fortress. The museum has more then just airplanes, with a whole lot of other collectibles, such as gun, and pilot's outfits. This concludes what I did last summer

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