One of my interests

I am interested in being a computer technician because I am usually good with computers. I have played games for most of my life and since game development is sadly not a big thing in Ohio, then I decided to follow one of my other interests, computers. I still don't know which side of the computer I will be betters working on. I feel I have more talent with the hardware side than I would with the software, but I have not gotten enough time with actual experiences to find out.

I first started being interested in computers when I was probably 13, the first time I was actually allowed to even touch a computer really. I still know very little about what makes up a computer but with the help of my classes at OUL I am hoping to learn more into this field. I have no doubt that I can become a very skilled computer person I just need a little time and teaching.

I am essentially my family's computer guy, whenever they have a problem they come to me. It doesn't matter with what it is either, they apprently think I know everything already even though I always tell them I haven't learned much yet. I am hoping that eventually they will come to me with a problem and I can actually be sure about an answer instead of taking my best guess.

I mentioned that I was a big gamer, so here is an awesome link to some GTA 5 Gameplay video, an awesome game coming out soon.

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