My name is Justin Kuelling; I am currently a student at Ohio University. I am studying Fine Arts, BA in Studio Arts, and BFA in Ceramics.

My passion is designing with your hands, where you can start from sketches; you build a model, or start on the computer. I have been making object, repairing things, creating things, and drawing with my hands since I was a little kid. I always try to recreate things and see the method used to create these images or objects. Knowing how objects or images are created from their bases gives me a better understanding of the object or image. Creating art for people to see and understand in an original way and getting recognized for my creation is one of the most extraordinary feeling ever.

I am part of the Ohio University Club Tennis team. I have been playing tennis for 8 years now and being part of the Club team is a great honor. It is very exciting getting to know new people every year and having a great experience along the way. I am the fundraiser Office for the team and we have successfully raised enough money where we could travel to several tournaments throughout the year.

I am also part of the Circle K International group here at Ohio University. We are a community service group, where we go around helping the community with anything and everything they need help with. We are also part of the Key club and Kiwanis club

Here is attached resume of mine.