John O. Kerr

Former Undergraduate Student at Ohio University
Graduate Student at Case Western Reserve University

Myself at the controls of the 1.3 meter McGraw-Hill telescope at the MDM Observatory.

Contact Information

Email: jk245607 [at] ohio [dot] edu


jok8 [at] case [dot] edu

Current Academic Address:

John Kerr
Case Western Reserve University
Department of Astronomy
Cleveland, OH 44106


I belonged to Dr. Markus Boettcher's research group, studying the variability of a number of different BL Lacertae objects using the 1.3 meter McGraw-Hill telescope at the MDM Observatory on Kitt Peak. Among those included the recently discovered 1ES 0502+675, RGB J0521, and RGB J0648+152.

Upon returning from MDM, I reduced my own and other's data from these BL Lac objects taken throughout the months of January, March, and May. Reduced data was used to create spectral energy distributions, light curves, and color/magnitude plots. Observed variations in brightness are likely the result of physical processes within the central, black-hole driven jet of the AGN.

I have since begun graduate studies at Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, Ohio, where I will be working with Dr. Chris Mihos on investigating light echoes in the Crab Nebula.

OU Skeptic Society

At OU, I was the president of the OU Skeptic Society, a student organization dedicated to science education and the promotion of critical thinking in the Athens area. The current president is Audrey Larcomb, and weekly meetings are held in Baker 341 on Thursdays at 8pm.


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