Plans for Summer? I get plans? When did I get to have plans?

I'm currently in the MBA program, which is a grand, nonstop event - 5 semesters in a row. Will the fun never end! Basically, this means that I only get to have 3 weeks off in August for any "real" fun that I might want to squeeze in. If my husband finds a great deal on flights then I'll be spending those 3 weeks in the Crater Lake area of Oregon.

When I find a few moments between studying this summer, I will spend most of it helping my oldest daughter tie up the last few loose ends before she heads off to college. I'll also spend some time with my grandma. She's 90 years old now and still lives on her own, so she likes to have us stay with her for a few days at a time. I'll slowly work my way through a novel, and perhaps even get in a few more pages of one that I'm writing. I'll even finish off an editing job.

Now that I'm a "grown up," I have to pretend that I do very important grown up things. Like work and study. I don't get to have vacations anymore. But in my never-ending quest to avoid any signs of real work, I'll probably also start looking more closely into an article I read recently in the Wall Street Journal. It seems that law schools are trying to boost admissions by recruiting MBAs to enroll in certification programs. I won't be able to practice law, but I will gain knowledge that will give me an edge in the workplace. If I ever bother to actually start working. Just call me Petra Pan...

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