A collection of my favorite books

By Joshua Jordan

Best book ever Wizards First Rule was a book I picked up many years ago, never heard of it and nobody

suggested it. I was completely blown away by the writing style of it's auther, Terry Goodkind.

Never have I been sucked into a story as deeply thought out with characters that attach

themselves to you so fast. From the opening line in the first book to the closing of the 11th

book in the series (with 2 other extras, both prequels), I was forever a fan. Each book comes

with a rule that is the guiding line of the story, and each of these rules can actually be applied

to life in general to great effect. If you like fantasy that is more serious and adult oriented, I

would highly suggest this line. I've gotten 4 of my friends to pick it up and they all agree

that this book in particular is one of the best they've ever read.

Bible This section actually belongs to 3 books. The Bible, the Quran, and the Torah.

I originally wanted to have a banner showing all 3 books, however this was beyond

my skill level it seems. I include these books because I've always had a fascination

with different religions and the effect on culture throughout the ages. All 3 of these

books are based on the same ideas and I try to keep myself completely objective as

I try to understand their meanings. All in all, the've played an important role in my

education and allows me to see and understand different cultures and the people who

follow them. My next step will be to find the other 3 major religions, Hinduism,

Budhism, and Zaotism.

Warhammer 40k Storm of Iron is a novel written for another game I play called Warhammer 40,000.

This book would actually cover quite a few within the library for this game as it's massive.

This book in particular is extremely well written and captures the imagination of a future

filled with nothing but war. As a sci-fi novel, I would highly suggest it and as for any fan of

the game, it's considered a must read.

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