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BY JOSHUA JORDAN email 08/05/2012

What is Perfect Citizen?

Perfect Citizen is a program that was designed by the NSA to assess the vulnerability of critical systems throughout the private sector including defense, power plants, transportation, and major internet firms as well as neutralize and counter cyber attacks against government agencies and private companies.

Who are the NSA?

The National Security Agency are a branch of the US military and are believed to be the only agency equipped to defend our country against cyber attacks. US citizens have mixed feelings about the agency as half of them see the need for the NSA to protect the country, but the other half fear that Perfect Citizen is a power play that would allow the NSA to intrude into domestic affairs.

The history of Perfect Citizen

Perfect Citizen is still relatively new and still in it's early stage of development however the program did has a predecessor by the name of April Strawberry. Perfect Citizen was started around July 2010 and has been implemented in many systems to date, however NSA is not forcing anyone to participate and instead is asking companies to work with them. The benefit of course is that the government will be offering incentives such as additional contracts.

How does Perfect Citizen work?

According to WS Journal * "Perfect Citizen will look at large, typically older computer control systems that were often designed without Internet connectivity or security in mind. Many of those systems--which run everything from subway systems to air-traffic control networks--have since been linked to the Internet, making them more efficient but also exposing them to cyber attack."

How does Perfect Citizen affect you?

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Do you know the dangers of Cyber Warfare?

Are you unsure of what this means? Would you like to know more? This link will define and explain the importance of understanding cyber warfare as well as give examples of recent major attacks.

Gorman, S.. "U.S. Plans Cyber Shield for Utilities, Companies ." The wall street journal. Wall Street Journal, n.d. Web. 8 Aug 2012.

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