My First Homepage.

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Well hello there. My name as you've guess is Joshua Jordan and I'm a student in your online class, Ctch 127. I'd have put a pic here for you, but I haven't figured out how to do that yet. So I live in Chillicothe, have not enjoyed the recent power outages and I'm assuming neither have you.

This is a test of the bulletin commands

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Requested HW3 homework.

Requested HW4 homework. League of Legends.

Our 5th homework assignment, which is continuing from our 4th assignment League of Legends.

Requested HW6 homework, my favorite books.

Final Project "Perfect Citizen"

Why I took this class

I've always like trying to create things from nothing, and digital creation has virtually unlimited possibilities once you understand how to use the languages. I've already taken java and I can already say that it was way more complicated than html