Internet Service Providers

After doing some research on different ISP's I narrowed it down to the three I thought offered the most to their customers. The first one I want to talk about is Earthlink. It is through Time Warner Cable. They claim it is up to 150 times faster than dial up and 6 times faster than standard DSL. Earthlink has a download speed up to 10Mbps. They also offer features such as free anti-virus, 8 e-mail addresses with 10MB of storage, a free site builder, 24/7 customer support, and wireless home networking. They do not list a price for their service on the website.

AT&T is another provider I think quite a few people in my area have. AT&T has many different internet plans you can get. They have Pro which is $38 a month and up to 3 Mbps, Elite is $43 a month and up to 6 Mbps, Max is $48 a month and up to 12 Mbps, Max Plus is $53 a month and up to 18 Mbps, and Max Turbo is $63 a month and up to 24 Mbps. They offer something for everyone. They have a built in wireless home networking feature and WiFi at home or on the go at no extra cost. They also offer 10 additional email accouts for free.

The last ISP I looked at was Netzero. They have a basic dial up for $9.95 a month and it doesn't really have any special features. They also have accelerated dial up for $14.95 a month. They claim its the fastest dial up you can have. This one has some features such as free Norton antivirus online, free pop-up blocker, and web-based email. The last internet service they provide is NetZero DSL Broadband for only $9.95 a month. It has speeds up to 6.0 Mbps. Some of the features offered are 27/7 live customer support, free megamail, free pop-up blocker, free Norton antivirus online, and free NetZero HiSpeed Dial-Up account (to use as a backup).

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