Hello World!

This iconic phrase is the first anyone delving into the world of computers or programming will ever see. It is also the phrase that led me down the very same rabbit hole as many others. The first time I saw the inside of a computer was about the age of 12 I was absolutely fascinated, I knew I just had to understand it, no matter what. Having an already growing interest in electronics I began my first computer assembly...err well I guess it was more like disassembly. I would find or be given old computers, parts, and cables, tear them to pieces, and somehow at the end of the day I would manage to get it all to run with a little help from my parents. Still barely understanding little more than what to plug in where I took my first computer science class at age 16. I began learning about operating systems, applications, and different kinds of hardware. Everything started to come together, I knew that I had found what I wanted to do with my life.

Crazy Comp

If you couldn't already tell, computers are kind of my thing. Networking, programming, building, and fixing; as long as it has to do with computers or technology I always want something to do with it. As of late my interest has been held with a determination to learn to program is as as many languages as I can. This is part of the reason I decided to take this Website Management class, the other being its required for my degree of course. I have had some experience in the past with html, mainly just reading it and trying to make heads or tails of what was being done. But I had never actually tried my hand at writing it from scratch, I mostly used web development tools like Dreamweaver and Microsoft WebMatrix Just from the first few hours out of our text book I can now understand just how messy and not up to specifications the code that was generated from these programs was.

I hope to learn a great deal from this class, not just how to write web code efficiently but also how to make good design choices that will benefit me in the long run. Here is hoping for a successful next several weeks of learning and growing of skills!

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