My Favorite Place!

My favorite place is Los Angeles, California. Commonly referred to as "LA," Los Angeles is bursting with career opportunities in the entertainment industry.

Los Angeles is home to many celebrities in the entertainment industry that span many different genres and levels of talent, among other characteristics that set them apart. My favorite celebrities include Christina Aguilera, Meryl Streep, Cate Blanchett, Anna Paquin, etc.
My admiration for Christina Aguilera actually fueled my inspiration to move, cross-country, to LA. Who would not want to live near a talented, gorgeous woman such as herself? Click here to witness her beauty The photo I shared with you via the link is from the 2010, Golden Globes, red carpet which she attended, with Cher, to promote their then upcoming film, "Burlesque."
I already have friends that live in LA that I met through our common admiration for Christina Aguilera. I consider them family. One of my friends from LA actually co-runs Aguilera Online, our fansite dedicated to Christina, with me.

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