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Goals and Objectives


The website I intend to design is for the varisty boys basketball team at Millersport High School. Currently they do not have a team website and I would like to provide them with one. The website will help to promote the team to the school, community, and college coaches. It will be a great opportunity for the students, parents, and the community to become involved with the team.


This website is for the Millersport Lakers student-athletes, parents, and the community.

Target Audience

The target audience is the athletes, students, family members, the community, college coaches, and faculity/staff at Millersport. I plan to provide the audience with game schedules, game recaps, statistics, etc. I will assume my audience will have little to moderate experience on the web. Therefore I will make the site easy to navigate to include all audiences.


  1. Promote the team to the community.
  2. Help to develop school spirit among the team and peers.
  3. Build team unity and pride.

Site Map

My site map includes the colors, texts, and pages the website will consist of. The 5 pages are titled schedule, roster, statistics, directions, and staff. In the future I wish to add a page titled game recaps.

Site Map


Homepage Schedule
Homepage Schedule

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Competitive Analysis

Website OSU
About Ohio State men's basketball website. Provides athletes, students, and fans with game schedules, stats, news and upcoming events.
What Works
  • There is a lot of avialable information on the site.
  • Esay to navigate.
  • Home page has a lot of images.
What Doesn't
  • The home page background is very busy.
  • Too many avialable links.
  • The team shop makes the page crowded.
Website Pickerington
About This site is the Pickerington North High School boys basketball website. It provides schedules, rosters, photos, stats, and game recaps for the athletes, parents, coaches, and community.
What Works
  • Nice menu- user friendly.
  • Good color scheme.
  • Provides the viewer with a lot of information.
What Doesn't
  • Schedules are very busy.
  • Rosters page has a lot of background noise.
  • Hard to determine what links are clickable.
Website COTC
About This site is for Central Ohio Technical College men's basketball team. It provides game schedules for the players and fans.
What Works
  • Easy to navigate.
  • The schedule is clear and easy to see.
  • No background noise.
What Doesn't
  • Plain- little color.
  • Limited information provided.
  • Looks very amature.
Website St. Vincent St. Mary
About This is the St. Vincent St. Mary high school boys basketall website. It provides the viewers with team photos, a game schedule, and a coaches corner section.
What Works
  • I think the coaches section was a good idea. It provided information about the coaches and their outlook on the upcoming season.
  • The clickable links were easy to locate.
  • Nice menu location.
What Doesn't
  • The team schedule is more than one click away.
  • The site only provides the schedule and photos. There are no statistics, game recaps, or a roster.
  • Not much color- makes the home screen boring.
Website OU
About This site provides the athletes, students, faculty, and fans at Ohio University with information regarding men's basketball. It highlights the schedule, roster, statistics, etc. of the OU men's basketball team.
What Works
  • Flashy banner at the top of the home page.
  • Provides the viewer with a lot of information.
  • Nice color scheme.
What Doesn't
  • The home page is very crowded.
  • Hard to find available links.
  • All the images make the site noisy.

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