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I am extremely interested in fishing. Specifically, Largemouth Bass and Catfish fishing. I am a full-time student at Ohio University Lancaster, plus I am married and have an 18 month old daughter. Although I am immensely blessed, I don't get to go fishing as much as I would like to. Fishing is a unique hobby in that sometimes you might be there for 8 hours without ever getting a bite, while other days you might catch 10 fish in an hour. Mainly, you have to enjoy the art and technique of fishing, and not how many fish you catch at any given time.

When I go fishing for Largemouth Bass, I choose very specific tackle. I have had good luck with twister tails, large and small spinner baits, small jigs, and just the basic hook and worm setup. Generally, I cast my line out and immediately begin to reel the line back in. If you wait too long before reeling your line back in, it will sink to the bottom and your tackle setup could get caught in debris laying on the bottom of where ever you're fishing.

Fishing for Catfish is more about the bait and time rather than the tackle you choose to use. I've found that using Night crawlers or Chicken Livers secured on a hook work really well. Unlike Bass fishing, you want your line setup to sink to the bottom because Catfish are bottom feeding fish. When they are skimming across the bottom for food they come across your bait and hopefully take a bite! Also, timing is important. Catfish are the most active a night, thus night fishing is the best time to fish for this breed of fish. Another good time to catch Catfish is immediately following rain. I think the change in water temperature makes these fish more active.

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