Between a Rock and a Hard Place

Between A Rock and A Hard PlaceBetween a Rock and a Hard place is about Aron Rolsten who mountain climbs and leaves for days at a time and on this one occasion he leaves and doesn't tell anyone where he is going. He goes to the location where his adventure starts and mountain bikes for 6 hours to get to another location where he mountain climbs all day. He finds a couple girls who are lost and helps them know where they are, they he takes them to a secert cave where at the bottom there is a little pond. He hangs out with them for a few hours then he contines on his adventure by himself. He is very dangerous going in and out of caves and cracks in the rocks until he falls into a crack in the rock and a bolder comes down and pins his arm against the rock. He is there for 127 hours and he has to decide if he will die or if he has to do something. So he dicides he wil live and his only option is to cut his arm off. Once he finishes he walks out of the rocks and finds help and is rescued by a few other people that are mountain climbing as well. His story is very inspirational.

Playing for Keeps

Playing for KeepsPlaying for keeps is the stoy of Micheal Jordan and his quest to be the best basketball player in the world. It is the story of his life and in my opion a very good book. It starts out as he is a little boy just loving to play the game of basketball. Then it goes into the story of middle school and his high school career. Many people know Micheal Jordan but a lot of people don't know that he was cut and not on the team his junior year in high school. He made a commitment to himself that he would be the best basketball player in the world. He practiced and practiced days to months to years. Until he was named the best basketball player in the world and still to this day is debatable the best basketball player in the world. It talks about all that he has accomplished in his life and career. It is a very good book in my opion.

Tiger the Real Story

Tiger the Real StoryTiger the Real story is one of my favorite books of all time. It is a story where you can only see the fake story that was put on by Tiger and not under the covers. Tiger Woods to many people two years ago was the greatest golfer to ever walk the earth and a great role model. He did things that other golfers dreamed they could do he was so well above every other golfer in the world it wasn't even fair. He sold tickets every company wanted to sponser Tiger he had the world in the palm in his hands. Until one day everything was let out of the box. He was said to have livin two worlds, the world everyone saw and his world behind closed doors. It is a sad story because personally I looked up to Tiger Woods since 2000, a year after he turned professional and I knew who he was. His whole world spun rapidly out of control and nobody saw it coming.

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