Century 21 Century 21 is a great place to work, all of the people are very friendly and very helpful. I really like the hours because really there is no hour, you make your own so that is my kinda job. Normally Monday thru Friday I work from 9-2 on average some days longer and some days shorter. I recieve my real estate license around 2 months ago and I will say it was very complicated to get started but thanks to the friendly people that work here I caught on very fast. This is a great place to work and I would suggest to other real estate agents to work at Century 21.

Lancaster Bingo Lancaster Bingo is also a great place to work. The company has hired a lot of different people and are still employed and I have never ran across someone I did not get along with. The only negitive about working with Lancaster Bingo is the hours are 3-11. However this a great place for college students to work at because you work nights and can go to school during the day. I would tell anyone who is in college to try to get employed by Lancaster Bingo.

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