Modern Automotive Technology

Written by James Duffy, A great book dedicated to where the automotive workd is going today. Great insight on the redesign of engines from gas to fuel cell, electric and other options. Also safety features, computers that just about drive the car to extreme concept cars that may be the most popular and efficient for our future.


Film and Video

Written by James Blake,Since I'm a students working in Electronic Media production I find this book great, practical information on the complex process of converting motion picture film into video. All of the 'tools of the trade' are explained in clear, simple language, as well as are the operational, business, and creative sides of film to video transfer. The emphasis is on fundamentals and principles of current technology, so that as new products arrive in ths fast-moving technical field. James Blake is Videotape Operator at Unitel Video Hollywood. Since 1976 he has worked for several Hollywood post production facilities as a videotape operator and tape supervisor. He also created and taught videotape operator training courses at Lorimar Telepictures and Unitel Video Hollywood.


PC World

Sometimes I just like to check out the Barnes and Noble rack for the latest tech magazines. Great info thats always changing. Cool apps, tricks, and new sites that always have something I can use for home or school.

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