The age old question. which is better?.. MAC or PC? ... to understand this we need to look at the two things objectively. While the PC has a lot more third party options, LOADS of different software from all kinds of developers the software and games available to the mac user are slightly limited in comparison. that being said, macs don't get viruses. games are much easier to run and install on PCs' however the latest range of machines from apple have the ability to run windows as a program to get the best of both worlds. whether the mac version of windows and the real windows run the same is up to you to decide, but at least with a mac you have that option.

If you're really into gaming and media demanding high graphics and resolutions then go for a top of the range PC. If you would like something that doesn't get viruses then go for a mac.

There are pros and cons to both, but always remember the famous time when bill gates ( owner of Microsoft ) was caught using a mac to run one of his presentations about windows!! that's gotta say something.

Here are some interesting links about the great debate... MAC vs PC.

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