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I personally think that computers are one of the greatest pieces of technology today. You can do just about anything on a computer from researching information to playing massive online games with millions of people. Here are just a few of the things that I use it for. I do all of my school and non-school related researching using a computer. Anything I need to know such as how to do something or how something works I can quickly look up. I can play online games with friends and millions of other people. I can use social websites such as Facebook and Twitter to keep up with all of my friends. Those are just a few things that I use my computer for. Here are the most popular uses!
Facebook and Twitter


Networks: Modern businesses would not be able to exist as we know them if it were not for networks and databases. So much data is stored and accessed around the world every day for the purpose of selling or buying things.
Self Checkouts: Basically just a checkout lady in a chip.
Anti Shoplifting devices: They use computer chips to interpret the signals from whatever kind of sensor they use.


Phones: Just about all kinds of phones, but especially cordless and cell phones have sophisticated chips; some could almost be called computers in there own right.
Computers: unto themselves have a large range of communication options. everything from text chat to video conferencing and everything in between.
Pagers: I know, ancient history. But they are still worth mentioning, as they were one of the first computerized communication devices


Computer Games: I am a computer game addict, no doubt about it. The sheer amount and variety of computer games is staggering.
Video Games: A video game console is just a computer that uses a TV for a monitor and does nothing but play games.
Music: CD players, MP3 players, music over the internet. All require a computer or computer chip of some kind.

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