Another Hobby of mine,

Another hobby of mine is reading. I love to enjoy a good fiction novel and my favorite author is Stephen King. I have read every one of his books some of them more than once. My favorite by far is the Dark Tower series. I really loved the characters especially the main character Roland. He was a though cowboy type with a dark past and lots of mystery around him. The first book in the series in called The Gunslinger, and it is the best. However, all the books are full of magic, mystery, suspense, science fiction, and horror, everything I like in a book. Read them you won't regret it.

Another book by Stephen King is Duma Key. It is a suspenseful story about a man that was in a construction accident and loses one on his arms. His doctor tells him to take a vacation and so he takes off to Duma. He finds a girl there that has some mystery about her. While staying there he starts painting and does miraculously good. In fact his paintings seem to change things in real life. Anyway, I won't tell you much more but it is also a must read. There is lots of mystery.

The last book I want to tell you about is The Mayfair Witches by Anne Rice. It is a very long and complex book but well worth the read. It is about the Mayfair family history and how they became known as witches. As I read the book I would sometimes like the Mayfair family and other times hate them and even after reading I still had confused feelings about them. It has lots of genealogy in it and sometimes is hard to keep track of but I still enjoyed the book. I would recommend reading The Mayfair Witches but make sure you have time because it is a very long book.

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