My Favorite Place

lake I have been in many places in the U.S. and Canada but of all the places I have been, large water bodies are my favorite. I donít really like water spots that have large beaches for swimming and such. I would rather be on a beach that is more for enjoying the view. I like secluded places on the beach so I can take in all that is going on around me. Like the sounds of the waves or the chirping of seagulls. You canít enjoy those things when you have tons on people around you. I like to sit and watch the sun set and rise and smell the freshness of the ocean breeze.

ocean photo I have been to Lake Erie many times and to the ocean a couple times and I enjoyed both a lot. Once, my family and I went to Ocean City. It was the first time we ever seen the ocean in real life. We stayed in a hotel right on the beach. We had the whole beach to ourselves because we went in the off season and it was great. The water and the breeze was a little cool. We just wore jackets and still suck our feet in the water. The worst thing was that many of the business were closed but we still had lots of fun.

lake2 photo On Lake Erie we camped out right on the water edge. That was the best. Listening to the water as we dozed off in the tent was a relaxing experience. A big storm came in as we were camping and that was fun too. There are many enjoyable activities to do around water that a person could never really get bored. I would suggest that you go and find out right now! I am.


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