Fixing up the Mustang

I have always be partial to Fords and one of my favorites is the Ford Mustang. I always wanted to buy a Mustang and I finally did about two years ago. The Mustang I bought was a 1965 coup. Here are some pictures of the process of fixing it up.

mustang before
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This is what my Mustang looked like when I bought it two years ago.It was not in bad condition but it was in need of some TLC.

mustang rust
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This is some of the rust I had to deal with. It is hard to see how bad it was in photo but believe me it was bad.

putting on flames
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In this photo the Mustang was prepped for flames. I drew the flames on the car with FineLine tape and then just used newspaper to keep the overspray off the rest of the car.

painted car
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This is the finished product as of this posting. I still need to do some interior work and want to put a better suspension under it.


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