Joe's ISP review

EarthLink offers dial-up, high speed DSL, and Satellite access. They also have web hosting, software tools, and member benefits. They offer a pretty good security suite with Norton 360 Online, Norton Antivirus, Carbonite online backup and anonymous E-mail. All this is controlled through an EarthLink control center. EarthLink offers a wide variety of tools that are useful such as, PC fine-tune, Internet call waiting, Home networking tools and more. In my area, EarthLink offers dial- up and satellite. The dial-up speed is up to 56k and pricing starts at $9.95 and goes up to $14.95. They give you an accelerator that claims to make your dial-up 7x faster. EarthLink satellite service is actually through Hughes Net.

With Hughes Net the prices vary depending on the speeds. The basic price is $39.99 with speeds up to 1.0Mbps download and 200kbps upload with a 200MB allowance. The top satellite plan runs $89.99 with speeds of 2.0Mbps download and 300kbps upload with a 400MB allowance. They also offer a government funded plan for households that are in certain areas who cannot get any other form of high speed internet access. You can receive substantial discounts with the plan. You have to put in your address to see if you’re eligible.

ATT offers dial-up and DSL. The dial-up speed is up to 56k and price is $22.95 a month with really no special features. The DSL plans vary depending on the speeds. They have DSL Elite, Pro, Express and Basic. The Basic plan has speeds up to 768kbps and the Elite Speed is 6.0 Mbps. All plans have ATT Wi-Fi and the top two plans offer a free wireless gateway or modem and they all offer a free backup dial-up account. The pricing for the Elite is $19.95 a month and all the other plans are $14.95 a month.

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