Joe's Interest in cars

Hello, my name is Joe. I want to tell you about one thing I enjoy doing as a hobby and how it became a hobby of mine.I want to talk about muscle cars. I have always had an interest in cars from a very young age. I remember as a child playing with my Matchbox cars in the sandbox for hours. When I was around 13 years old I started working on them with my neighbor friend and we would drive the cars around in the cow field. My friend had a 1964 Ford Fairlane that we would experiment on all the time. We used to take the engine out and modify it and put it back in just to do it. After I got married I received some ASE certifications through Ford and went on to work at Lincoln and Ford. I worked at various dealerships for a few years. However, I soon found that working for a dealership was something I did not like. I decided to work on cars at home and just get a job at a factory. So that is what I did. The factory work that I did was tedious and boring so I worked my way into maintenance where I could use my mechanic skills.

In those years of moving from job to job I had several cars that I fixed up at home. The first was a 1979 Mercury Capri. I really liked that car. I bought it off a guy a work who thought the engine was going to blow. I took it home after I bought it for $800. At home I looked under the hood and found out that the noise he thought was a rod knocking really was just a bad air pump. I fixed it for $25.00 and it was a good car. Eventually I took the stock 302 engine out and put in a 351 Windsor. Of course I didnít stop there; I installed a new mild race cam and put a new four barrel intake on it with an Elderbrock carburetor. I installed Headman headers put some nice rims on it and beefed up the transmission. To the body all I did was install a giant hood scoop and paint the car black. I loved that car and drove it for seven years. Of course some things never last and one day my wife and two kids were going to the speed shop to get some parts I had them work on and someone rear-ended me on the highway going 60mph. I hit a guardrail and that was the end of that car. I really was not worried about the car though because my wife, son, and daughter were badly injured. After some time they all recovered and I started looking for another car to fix up.

After the Capri, I continued fixing up cars and trucks through the years. Now I have a 1965 mustang. I already did some work to it. I painted it black and painted some custom flame on it. I had to put new floors in it, I rebuilt the transmission and did lots of break work on it. I drive it once in a while but it still needs lots of work. I still love to work on cars but for now I have put a hold on working on them so I can finish my schooling. I bet your wondering how I got from working on cars to computers. Well, that is another story for another day.

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