The topic of this assignment is a description of my favorite place. I guess one of my favorite places is my office where I work. I have so much time and energy invested there. I guess one of my favorite things about it is what I have built and maintain. I love working with the network, servers, telephone system, and even the people I work with. It is refreshing to go to work at a place where you feel a sense of accomplishment. In my own small part I am helping to educate the future of our society.

My Workplace!and Web links

A little bit more about my workplace is that I have moved my office to a new location not to long ago. I now work out of the High School. When we moved into the new office I had to run over 30 network drops to connect all of the equipment we have setup in the IT Department. We now have close to 1000 computers and 25 servers spread throughout our 4 buildings.

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Here is a picture of the building I work in:

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